Flight Training

  • Helicopter Services provides primary and advanced helicopter flight training in Robinson R22, Robinson R44, and R66 helicopters.
  • Helicopter pilot training courses include: Private, Commercial, Instrument Ratings, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), CFI-Instrument, and ATP.
  • A full-size FLYIT Simulator is available for both VFR and IFR flight training, helping to keep costs lower.
  • Economical and efficient Instrument Instruction is accomplished by leveraging the FAA-Approved full-size FLYIT Simulator in concert with aircraft. Flying the simulator will reduce course cost significantly compared to flying an aircraft exclusively. Additionally, the simulator can lower overall completion hours needed to demonstrate proficiency for the checkride. At slightly higher cost, IFR training may be accomplished in the larger R44 Helicopter.
  • HSI is an in-house service center for Robinson and most other makes of helicopters providing excellent opportunities for students to view inspections and maintenance of aircraft in progress.
  • Training takes place at DW Hooks Airport, near Houston, Texas and just minutes from IAH and HOU Airports by air. Students can initially learn without tower contact, then progress into the controlled environment.